Volunteer a minimum 2 hours per class to spark the interests of young children in computer science. 

Be A Changemaker To Help The Young

Are you a university or college student who want to do something different for the local community? Good news! We are working closely with local library, school, and any similar learning institutions to organize coding classes and bootcamps. Join us and be a part of this movement.
A small        step today, will make a huge impact for tomorrow!

Upcoming CSguru Application

MDEC-Telebort Digital Ninja Bootcamp:
Calling for TAR University College students to join our MDEC-Telebort Digital Ninja Bootcamp.
Number of volunteers:
We will need minimum 8, maximum 15, TAR UC Engineering/Computer Science Students. Student who has DSLR camera is also encourage to join, we will put you in our creative design team. 😎
When we need you, the date:
  • 13/6/2019, 8:30pm - 10pm: Briefing Session.
  • 14/6/2019, full day: Design Thinking
  • 17/6/2019 and 18/6/2019, full day: Accelerator Lab Fundamental 
Scope of work and requirement:
  • Facilitate a dynamic and collaborative classroom community.
  • Onsite coordination, technical and team building support for digital ninja.
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring for digital ninja.
  • Take photo and shot video clips (if applicable).
  • Registration is open now!
  • Phone interview for selection.
  • Formation of WhatApps group and team briefing.
  • Attending face to face briefing session.

What you will be gaining in this journey

Physical Computing and Internet of Things
Tangible Social Impacts
Computer Science Knowledge
Certification of Recognition
Hand-on Experiences

Academic Partners


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Operating Hours:

Wed to Sun: 10a.m. - 7p.m.

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